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Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns: With Examples in C# and .NET by Jimmy Nilsson contains sections on Inversion of Control, Depenency Injection and Aspect-Oriented Programming that describe and use Spring.NET. Thanks to Erik Dornenburg and Aleks Seovic (Spring.NET co-lead) for authoring these sections.

Presentations, Videos, Interviews.

Thomas Haug, Senior Consultant and Architect at Mathema Software GmbH, had made an extensive presentation to Spring.NET providing a broad overview of the framework as well as a deeper dive into dependency injection, NHibernate integration and declarative transaction management. (In German)  November 2008

Presentation by Erich Eichinger from the BASTA conference in Mainz, Germany.  (Slides in English).  October, 2008

Steinar Dragsnes presented an introduction to Spring.NET covering dependency injection, transaction management, and Aspect- Oriented Programming to the Norwegian .NET User Group on the 28th of April. Slides are available for download.  May, 2008

Video presentation recorded at the QCon conference in San Francisco, Mark Pollack provides an introduction to Spring.NET in this video presentation. December 2007

Video interview recorded at TechEd US 2007 with Ron Jacobs of ARCast.TV

A presentation and sample application demonstating Web and NHibernate functionality.  By Oliver Paulus, Siemens VDO.  August 3, 2007.

The presentation "It's Spring again - Lightweight .NET Containers' given by Michale Stal, Siemens Corporate Technology at the most recent JAOO conference (October, 2007) is now available for download.

Introduction to Spring.NET presentation given by Mark Pollack at Citigroup's FAST (Fast, Agile, Scalable Technolgoy) lecture series in New York organized by Marc Adler on October 5, 2006

Introduction to Data Access with Spring.NET presentation given by Mark Pollack at the SpringOne conference in Belgium on June 15th 2006.

Chris Donnan and Solomon Duskis gave an introductory presentation on Spring, both .NET and Java, on 2006-6-2 at Finetix. The slides and code are now available.

An overview of Spring.NET with a preview of upcoming data access features was given by Mark Pollack at the Lab49 offices in NYC on 2006-5-19. Audio and slides from the presentation are available.

Oliver Paulus provides an overview of Spring and Spring.NET in this presentation made to his development team on 2006-3-9. In German.

Aleksander Seovic presented "Building ASP.NET applications with Spring.NET" at VSLive! Orlando on Tuesday October 11th 2005. See the conference web site for more information.


A collection of podcasts hosted by SkillsMatter from Russ Miles, senior consultant for SpringSource in the UK, on Spring.NET can be found here

January 2009

Video presentation recorded at the QCon conference in San Francisco, Mark Pollack

December 2007

Video of Spring.NET presetation by Mark Pollack and Aleks Seovice at the SpringOne conference in Belgium

July 2006

Articles has an article discussing the growing popularity of open-source Java frameworks finding there way into the .NET ecosystem, in particular Spring for .NET. Read the article by Yuval Shavit here. [2008-12-5]

CodeProject artiles AOP Using Spring.NET Part 1 and Part 2 by Niranjan Kumar, June 2008.

CodeProject article on Dependency Injection using Spring.NET by Niranjan Kuman, May 2008.

David Consdorf has written an article on "Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) with Spring.NET".

David Consdorf has written an article on "Dependency Injection with Spring.NET".  It starts off simple and ends with an example showing a typical 3-tier application. [2007-01-24]

A case study on Spring.NET's use in Mercado Eletrônico, the leading B2B company in Latin America, is now available online in the .NET Developers Journal. By Ricardo Pardini and Eric Lemes. [2007-11-27]

Scott McMaster's blog entry Spring.NET Windows Performance Counter Aspect - April 2007

"Messaging Interop with JMS and Spring.NET" - An InfoQ article that demonstrates Java and .NET interoperability using the JMS support in Spring & Spring.NET. Refer to the modules page to download the TIBCO EMS integration module.  [2007-02-13]

"Spring.NET" -  Introductory article by Harald Radi in the magazine ' magazin' (In German) [2007-2-01].  Description.

"Introduction to Spring.NET and Dependency Injection" - Article by Katrin Bibas in the magazine ' magazin' (In German) [2007-2-01].  Description.

"Dependency Injection for Loose Coupling" by Bill McCafferty .  An introductory article on Dependency Injection with a small example in Spring.NET.

"Dependency Injection" - The September 2005 edition of MSDN Magazine contains an article on Dependency Injection that features Spring.NET. Written by our very own Spring.NET member Griffin Caprio.


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