Spring.Context.Support Namespace (Spring.Core)
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Support classes for the functionality defined in the Spring.Context namespace.

Contains abstract base classes for the IApplicationContext and IMessageSource interfaces.


  Class Description
Class AbstractApplicationContext Partial implementation of the IApplicationContext interface.
Class AbstractMessageSource Abstract implementation of the IHierarchicalMessageSource interface, implementing common handling of message variants, making it easy to implement a specific strategy for a concrete IMessageSource.
Class AbstractXmlApplicationContext Convenient abstract superclass for IApplicationContext implementations that draw their configuration from XML documents containing object definitions as understood by an Spring.Objects.Factory.Xml.XmlObjectDefinitionReader.
Class AbstractXmlApplicationContextArgs  
Class ApplicationContextAwareProcessor Spring.Objects.Factory.Config.IObjectPostProcessor implementation that passes the application context to object that implement the IApplicationContextAware, IMessageSourceAware, and IResourceLoaderAware interfaces.
Class ApplicationObjectSupport Convenient superclass for application objects that want to be aware of the application context, e.g. for custom lookup of collaborating object or for context-specific resource access.
Class ContextHandler Creates an IApplicationContext instance using context definitions supplied in a custom configuration and configures the ContextRegistry with that instance.
Class ContextRegistry Provides access to a central registry of IApplicationContexts.
Class DefaultMessageSourceResolvable Default implementation of the IMessageSourceResolvable interface.
Class DefaultSectionHandler Default section handler that can handle any configuration section.
Class DelegatingMessageSource Empty IMessageSource implementation that simply delegates all method calls to it's parent IMessageSource.
Class GenericApplicationContext Generic ApplicationContext implementation that holds a single internal DefaultListableObjectFactory instance and does not assume a specific object definition format.
Class MessageSourceAccessor Helper class for easy access to messages from an IMessageSource, providing various overloaded GetMessage methods.
Class MessageSourceResolvableVisitor Visitor class to represent IMessageSourceResolvable instances.
Class NamespaceParsersSectionHandler Configuration section handler for the (recommended, Spring.NET standard) parsers config section.
Class NullMessageSource An IMessageSource that doesn't do a whole lot.
Class ReferenceNode Represents a reference to a Spring-managed object.
Class ResourceHandlersSectionHandler Handler for Spring.NET resourceHandlers config section.
Class ResourceSetMessageSource An IMessageSource implementation that accesses resources from .resx / .resource files.
Class StaticApplicationContext IApplicationContext that allows concrete registration of objects and messages in code, rather than from external configuration sources.
Class StaticMessageSource Simple implementation of IMessageSource that allows messages to be held in an object and added programmatically.
Class TypeAliasesSectionHandler Configuration section handler for the Spring.NET typeAliases config section.
Class TypeConvertersSectionHandler Configuration section handler for the Spring.NET typeConverters config section.
Class XmlApplicationContext An IApplicationContext implementation that reads context definitions from XML based resources.
Class XmlApplicationContextArgs Encapsulates arguments to the XmlApplicationContext class.

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