Spring.NET 1.3.0 RC1 for .NET 2.0 API Reference

Spring.Web.UI Namespace

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Namespace Hierarchy


Class Description
AbstractWizard Convinience implementation of the wizard-like page controller.
DialogAttribute Specifies that page should be treated as a dialog, meaning that after processing is over user should return to the referring page.
MasterPage Spring.NET Master Page implementation for ASP.NET 2.0
Page Represents an .aspx file, also known as a Web Forms page, requested from a server that hosts an ASP.NET Web application.
SessionModelPersistenceMedium SessionModelPersistenceMedium implements HttpSessionState-based storage for UI model management.
UserControl Extends standard .Net user control by adding data binding and localization functionality.


Interface Description
IModelPersistenceMedium Abstracts storage strategy for storing model instances between requests. All storage providers participating in UI model management must implement this interface.
IValidationContainer Abstracts access to properties required for handling validation and error rendering