Spring.NET 1.3.0 RC1 for .NET 2.0 API Reference

Spring.Web.Support Namespace

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Namespace Hierarchy


Class Description
AbstractHandlerFactory Provides base functionality for Spring.NET context-aware IHttpHandlerFactory implementations.
AbstractHandlerFactory.NamedObjectDefinition Holds a named IObjectDefinition
ContextMonitor IHttpHandler implementation that allows users to monitor state of the Spring.NET web application context.
DefaultHandlerFactory SimpleHandlerFactory is used to wrap any arbitrary IHttpHandlerFactory to make it "Spring-aware".
DefaultResultFactory This result factory implementation creates Result instances from a given string representation.
DefaultResultWebNavigator The default implementation of the IResultWebNavigator interface.
HandlerMap Holds a list of url Regex expressions and their corresponding names of responsible IHttpHandlerFactory or IHttpHandler objects managed by the container.
HandlerMapEntry Holds pairs of (url pattern, handler object name).
MappingHandlerFactory MappingHandleryFactory allows for full Spring-managed <httpHandlers> configuration. It uses regular expressions for url matching.
MappingHandlerFactoryConfigurer Configures MappingHandlerFactory.
MimeMediaType Represents a MIME media type as defined by http://www.iana.org/assignments/media-types/
MimeMediaType.Application Predefines common application media types
MimeMediaType.Image Predefines common image media types
MimeMediaType.Text Predefines common text media types
PageHandlerFactory Implementation of IHttpHandlerFactory that retrieves configured IHttpHandler instances from Spring web application context.
Result Represents the ASPX result page that an operation maps to.
ResultFactoryRegistry A result factory is responsible for create an IResult instance from a given string representation.
SharedStateResourceCache Resource cache implementation that uses Spring.NET page/handler state to cache resources.
WebDependencyInjectionUtils Utilities for dependency injection in the web tier.
WebFormsResultWebNavigator An implementation of IHierarchicalWebNavigator specific for Controls. The navigator hierarchy equals the control hierarchy when using a WebFormsResultWebNavigator.
WebFormsResultWebNavigator.NavigableControlInfo Holds the result match from FindNavigableParent.
WebNavigableWebNavigatorAdapter Adapts a concrete IWebNavigator instance as a IWebNavigable.


Interface Description
IHierarchicalWebNavigator An extension of IWebNavigator that must be implemented by navigators that can be part of a hierarchy.
IResult An IResult encapsulates concrete navigation logic. Usually executing a result will invoke Redirect or Transfer.
IResultFactory A result factory is responsible for create an IResult instance from a given string representation.
IResultWebNavigator Defines the interface, all hierarchical navigators capable of dealing with IResult instances must implement.
ISupportsWebDependencyInjection "Contract"-interface of the Web-DI infrastructure.
IWebNavigable Any component participating in the navigation infrastructure must implement this interface.
IWebNavigator Any component capable of navigating and participating in the navigation logic must implement this interface.


Enumeration Description
ResultMode The various result modes.