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IProfileProvider.FindInactiveProfilesByUserName Method

When overridden in a derived class, retrieves profile information for profiles in which the last activity date occurred on or before the specified date and the user name matches the specified user name.

[Visual Basic]
Public Sub FindInactiveProfilesByUserName( _
   ByVal authenticationOption As ProfileAuthenticationOption, _
   ByVal usernameToMatch As String, _
   ByVal userInactiveSinceDate As Date, _
   ByVal pageIndex As Integer, _
   ByVal pageSize As Integer, _
   ByRef totalRecords As Integer _
ProfileInfoCollection FindInactiveProfilesByUserName(
   ProfileAuthenticationOption authenticationOption,
   string usernameToMatch,
   DateTime userInactiveSinceDate,
   int pageIndex,
   int pageSize,
   out int totalRecords


One of the ProfileAuthenticationOption values, specifying whether anonymous, authenticated, or both types of profiles are returned.
The user name to search for.
A DateTime that identifies which user profiles are considered inactive. If the LastActivityDate value of a user profile occurs on or before this date and time, the profile is considered inactive.
The index of the page of results to return.
The size of the page of results to return.
When this method returns, contains the total number of profiles.

Return Value

A ProfileInfoCollection containing user profile information for inactive profiles where the user name matches the supplied usernameToMatch parameter.

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