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WebUtils Members

WebUtils overview

Public Static (Shared) Methods

CombineVirtualPaths Combines a rooted base path with a relative path.
CreateAbsolutePath Returns absolute path that can be referenced within plain HTML.
GetAppRelativePath Gets the application-relative virtual path portion of the given absolute URL.
GetLogicalParent Returns the 'logical' parent of the specified control. Technically when dealing with masterpages and control hierarchy, the order goes controls->masterpage->page. But one often wants the more logical order controls->page->masterpage.
GetPageName Extracts the bare ASPX page name without any extension from the supplied url.
GetRelativePath Gets the virtual path portion of the given absolute URL relative to the given base path.
GetVirtualDirectory Returns only the directory portion of a virtual path
UrlEncode Encode value for use in URLs.

Public Instance Methods

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