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IVirtualEnvironment Members

IVirtualEnvironment overview

Public Instance Properties

ApplicationVirtualPath The virtual (rooted) path of the current Application with trailing slash
CurrentExecutionFilePath The virtual (rooted) path of the currently executing script
CurrentVirtualFilePath The virtual (rooted) path of the current Request without trailing PathInfo
CurrentVirtualPath The virtual (rooted) path of the current Request including PathInfo
QueryString The query parameters
RequestParams Returns the current Request's parameter dictionary Params
RequestVariables Returns the current Request's variable dictionary Items
Session Returns the current Session's variable dictionary

Public Instance Methods

CreateInstanceFromVirtualPath Creates an instance from the given virtual path
GetCompiledType Get the compiled type for the given virtual path
MapPath Maps a virtual path to it's physical location
RewritePath Rewrites the CurrentVirtualPath, thus also affecting MapPath

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