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Namespace Description
Spring.Caching Missing <summary> Documentation for Spring.Caching
Spring.Context.Support Missing <summary> Documentation for Spring.Context.Support
Spring.Core.IO Missing <summary> Documentation for Spring.Core.IO
Spring.DataBinding Missing <summary> Documentation for Spring.DataBinding
Spring.Globalization Missing <summary> Documentation for Spring.Globalization
Spring.Globalization.Resolvers Missing <summary> Documentation for Spring.Globalization.Resolvers
Spring.Objects.Factory.Support Missing <summary> Documentation for Spring.Objects.Factory.Support
Spring.Objects.Factory.Xml Missing <summary> Documentation for Spring.Objects.Factory.Xml
Spring.Threading Missing <summary> Documentation for Spring.Threading
Spring.Util Missing <summary> Documentation for Spring.Util
Spring.Web.Providers Missing <summary> Documentation for Spring.Web.Providers
Spring.Web.Services Missing <summary> Documentation for Spring.Web.Services
Spring.Web.Support Missing <summary> Documentation for Spring.Web.Support
Spring.Web.UI Missing <summary> Documentation for Spring.Web.UI
Spring.Web.UI.Controls Missing <summary> Documentation for Spring.Web.UI.Controls
Spring.Web.UI.Validation Missing <summary> Documentation for Spring.Web.UI.Validation


Class Description
AbstractBaseValidator Provides functions required for implementing validators but are unfortunately not accessible from BaseValidator
AbstractHandlerFactory Provides base functionality for Spring.NET context-aware IHttpHandlerFactory implementations.
AbstractHandlerFactory.NamedObjectDefinition Holds a named IObjectDefinition
AbstractValidationControl Provides common functionality to all validation renderer controls.
AbstractValidationErrorsRenderer This class provides common members for all validation errors renderers.
AbstractWizard Convinience implementation of the wizard-like page controller.
AspNetCache An ICache implementation backed by ASP.NET Cache (see Cache).
Calendar Displays a pop-up DHTML calendar.
CheckBoxList Adds the SelectedValues property to the framework's CheckBoxList control.
ChildWebObjectDefinition Web object definitions extend RootObjectDefinition by adding scope property.
ConfigurableSqlMembershipProvider A spring configurable version of SqlMembershipProvider
ConfigurableSqlProfileProvider Missing <summary> documentation for T:Spring.Web.Providers.ConfigurableSqlProfileProvider
ConfigurableSqlRoleProvider A spring-configurable version of SqlRoleProvider
ConfigurableXmlSiteMapProvider A spring-configurable version of SqlRoleProvider
Content Represents Content control that can be used to populate or override placeholders within the master page.
ContentPlaceHolder Represents ContentPlaceHolder control that can be used to define placeholders within the master page.
ContentReplacer Represents Content control that can be used to populate or override placeholders anywhere within the page.
ContextMonitor IHttpHandler implementation that allows users to monitor state of the Spring.NET web application context.
CookieCultureResolver Culture resolver that uses cookie to store culture information.
DataBindingAdapter May be used to wrap controls for databinding that don't accept unknown attributes.
DataBindingPanel Any WebControl placed on a DataBindingPanel may be bound to a model by adding an attribute "BindingTarget"
DataSourceItemFormatter This formatter acts as an adapter to a datasource. It parses a given datasource into a table to allow converting back and forth between objects and their keys during formatting.
DefaultHandlerFactory SimpleHandlerFactory is used to wrap any arbitrary IHttpHandlerFactory to make it "Spring-aware".
DefaultResultFactory This result factory implementation creates Result instances from a given string representation.
DefaultResultWebNavigator The default implementation of the IResultWebNavigator interface.
DefaultWebCultureResolver Default culture resolver for web applications. Contains some common utility methods for web culture resolvers.
DialogAttribute Specifies that page should be treated as a dialog, meaning that after processing is over user should return to the referring page.
DivValidationErrorsRenderer Implementation of IValidationErrorsRenderer that renders validation errors within a div element, using breaks between the errors.
Form This control allows for suppressing output of the 'action' attribute.
HandlerMap Holds a list of url Regex expressions and their corresponding names of responsible IHttpHandlerFactory or IHttpHandler objects managed by the container.
HandlerMapEntry Holds pairs of (url pattern, handler object name).
Head This control should be used instead of standard HTML head tag in order to render dynamicaly registered head scripts and stylesheets.
HttpApplicationConfigurer Missing <summary> documentation for T:Spring.Context.Support.HttpApplicationConfigurer
HttpContextStorage Implements IThreadStorage by using HttpContext.
HttpContextSwitch Performs a RewritePath. Original path will be restored on Dispose
HttpRequestListBindingContainer Binds agroup of HTTP request multi-valued items to the data model.
HybridContextStorage Implements IThreadStorage by using both HttpContext and CallContext and choosing dynamically between them.
IconValidationErrorsRenderer Implementation of IValidationErrorsRenderer that displays an error image to let user know there is an error, and tooltip to display actual error messages.
LocalizedImage This control should be used instead of standard HTML head tag in order to render dynamicaly registered head scripts and stylesheets.
MappingHandlerFactory MappingHandleryFactory allows for full Spring-managed <httpHandlers> configuration. It uses regular expressions for url matching.
MappingHandlerFactoryConfigurer Configures MappingHandlerFactory.
MasterPage Spring.NET Master Page implementation for ASP.NET 2.0
MembershipProviderAdapter Wrapper for MembershipProvider class.
MimeMediaType Represents a MIME media type as defined by http://www.iana.org/assignments/media-types/
MimeMediaType.Application Predefines common application media types
MimeMediaType.Image Predefines common image media types
MimeMediaType.Text Predefines common text media types
MultipleSelectionListControlBinding Handles binding of a multiple selection ListControl to a target's IList property.
Page Represents an .aspx file, also known as a Web Forms page, requested from a server that hosts an ASP.NET Web application.
PageHandlerFactory Implementation of IHttpHandlerFactory that retrieves configured IHttpHandler instances from Spring web application context.
Panel This panel provides the same features as Panel, but provides additional means with regards to Spring.
ProfileProviderAdapter Wrapper for ProfileProvider class.
RadioButtonGroup Groups radio button controls and returns the value of the selected control
RequestCultureResolver Culture resolver that uses request headers to determine culture. If no languages are specified in the request headers, it returns default culture specifed, and if no default culture was specifed it returns current culture for the executing server thread.
RequiredCheckBoxValidator This validator allows for validating a CheckBox's "Checked" state.
Result Represents the ASPX result page that an operation maps to.
ResultFactoryRegistry A result factory is responsible for create an IResult instance from a given string representation.
RoleProviderAdapter Wrapper for RoleProvider class.
RootWebObjectDefinition Web object definitions extend RootObjectDefinition by adding scope property.
SessionCultureResolver Culture resolver that uses HTTP session to store culture information.
SessionModelPersistenceMedium SessionModelPersistenceMedium implements HttpSessionState-based storage for UI model management.
SharedStateResourceCache Resource cache implementation that uses Spring.NET page/handler state to cache resources.
SiteMapProviderAdapter Wrapper for SiteMapProvider class.
SpanValidationErrorsRenderer Implementation of IValidationErrorsRenderer that renders validation errors within a span element, using breaks between the errors.
TabCommandEventArgs Provides information about a command raised from a TabContainer
TabContainer This control is responsible for rendering tabs.
TabularMultiView The TabularMultiView control allows you to build ASP.NET Web pages that present the user with content arranged in tabular form.
TabularView Represents a control that acts as a container for a group of controls within a TabularMultiView control.
TabularViewCollection Holds the collection of TabularView controls in a TabularMultiView.
UserControl Extends standard .Net user control by adding data binding and localization functionality.
ValidationError This control should be used to display field-level validation errors.
ValidationSummary This control should be used instead of standard ValidationSummary control to display validation errors identified by the Spring.NET validation framework.
VirtualEnvironment Provides platform independent access to HttpRuntime methods
WebApplicationContext Web application context, taking the context definition files from the file system or from URLs. Treats resource paths as web resources, when using IApplicationContext.GetResource. Resource paths are considered relative to the virtual directory. Note: In case of multiple config locations, later object definitions will override ones defined in earlier loaded files. This can be leveraged to deliberately override certain object definitions via an extra XML file.
WebContextHandler Creates an IApplicationContext instance using context definitions supplied in a custom configuration and configures the ContextRegistry with that instance.
WebDependencyInjectionUtils Utilities for dependency injection in the web tier.
WebFormsResultWebNavigator An implementation of IHierarchicalWebNavigator specific for Controls. The navigator hierarchy equals the control hierarchy when using a WebFormsResultWebNavigator.
WebFormsResultWebNavigator.NavigableControlInfo Holds the result match from FindNavigableParent.
WebInstantiationStrategy Object instantiation strategy for use in WebObjectFactory.
WebNavigableWebNavigatorAdapter Adapts a concrete IWebNavigator instance as a IWebNavigable.
WebObjectDefinitionFactory Custom implementation of IObjectDefinitionFactory for web applications.
WebObjectDefinitionReader An XmlObjectDefinitionReader capable of handling web object definitions (Pages, Controls)
WebObjectFactory Concrete implementation of IListableObjectFactory that knows how to handle IWebObjectDefinitions.
WebObjectsNamespaceParser A custom implementation of the INamespaceParser interface that properly handles web application specific attributes, such as object scope.
WebObjectUtils Miscellaneous utility methods to support web functionality within Spring.Objects
WebResource IResource implementation specifically for resources served up from a web server.
WebServiceExporter Exports an object as a web service.
WebServiceHandlerFactory An IHttpHandlerFactory implementation that retrieves configured WebService objects from the Spring.NET web application context.
WebSupportModule Provides various support for proper handling requests.
WebUtils Miscellaneous web utility methods.


Interface Description
AspNetCache.IRuntimeCache Abstracts the underlying runtime cache
IBindingAwareFormatter Missing <summary> documentation for T:Spring.DataBinding.IBindingAwareFormatter
IHierarchicalWebNavigator An extension of IWebNavigator that must be implemented by navigators that can be part of a hierarchy.
IMembershipProvider An Interface for MembershipProviderAdapter class.
IModelPersistenceMedium Abstracts storage strategy for storing model instances between requests. All storage providers participating in UI model management must implement this interface.
IProfileProvider An Interface for IProfileProvider class.
IResult An IResult encapsulates concrete navigation logic. Usually executing a result will invoke Redirect or Transfer.
IResultFactory A result factory is responsible for create an IResult instance from a given string representation.
IResultWebNavigator Defines the interface, all hierarchical navigators capable of dealing with IResult instances must implement.
IRoleProvider An Interface for RoleProviderAdapter class.
ISessionState Abstracts HttpSession
ISiteMapProvider An Interface for SiteMapProviderAdapter class.
ISupportsWebDependencyInjection "Contract"-interface of the Web-DI infrastructure.
IValidationContainer Abstracts access to properties required for handling validation and error rendering
IValidationErrorsRenderer This interface should be implemented by all validation errors renderers.
IVirtualEnvironment Abstracts the underlying infrastructure of a HttpRequest
IWebDataBound A page or control must implement this interface to support spring's databinding infrastructure.
IWebNavigable Any component participating in the navigation infrastructure must implement this interface.
IWebNavigator Any component capable of navigating and participating in the navigation logic must implement this interface.
IWebObjectDefinition Defines additional members web object definitions need to implement.


Delegate Description
TabCommandEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the TabCommand event.
VirtualEnvironment.RequestEventHandler Represents a method that handles Request related events
VirtualEnvironment.SessionEventHandler Represents a method that handles Session related events


Enumeration Description
ObjectScope The possible object scope values.
ResultMode The various result modes.