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Spring.Template.Velocity Missing <summary> Documentation for Spring.Template.Velocity
Spring.Template.Velocity.Config Missing <summary> Documentation for Spring.Template.Velocity.Config


Class Description
CommonsLoggingLogSystem NVelocity LogSystem implementation for Commons Logging.
SpringResourceLoader NVelocity's abstract ResourceLoader extension which serves as an adapter that loads templates via a Spring IResourceLoader.
Used by VelocityEngineFactory for any resource loader path that cannot be resolved to a File or an Assembly or for implementations which rely on spring's IResourceLoader mechanism.
Important: this loader does not allow for modification detection.
Expects "spring.resource.loader" (IResourceLoader implementations) and "spring.resource.loader.path" application attributes in the NVelocity runtime.
TemplateDefinitionConstants Template definition constants
TemplateNamespaceParser Implementation of the custom configuration parser for template configurations based on ObjectsNamespaceParser
VelocityConstants Missing <summary> documentation for T:Spring.Template.Velocity.VelocityConstants
VelocityEngineFactory Factory that configures a VelocityEngine. Can be used standalone, but typically you will use VelocityEngineFactoryObject for preparing a VelocityEngine as bean reference.
The optional "ConfigLocation" property sets the location of the Velocity properties file, within the current application. Velocity properties can be overridden via "VelocityProperties", or even completely specified locally, avoiding the need for an external properties file.
The "ResourceLoaderPath" property can be used to specify the Velocity resource loader path via Spring's IResource abstraction, possibly relative to the Spring application context.
If "OverrideLogging" is true (the default), the VelocityEngine will be configured to log via Commons Logging, that is, using the Spring-provided CommonsLoggingLogSystem as log system.
The simplest way to use this class is to specify a ResourceLoaderPath property. the VelocityEngine typically then does not need any further configuration.
VelocityEngineFactoryObject FactoryObject implementation that configures a VelocityEngine and provides it as an object reference. This object is intended for any kind of usage of Velocity in application code, e.g. for generating email content. See the base class VelocityEngineFactory for configuration details.
VelocityEngineUtils Generalized Utility class for merging velocity templates into a text writer or return the result as a string