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CronTriggerObject Members

CronTriggerObject overview

Public Instance Constructors

CronTriggerObject Constructor Initializes a new instance of the CronTriggerObject class.

Public Instance Properties

CalendarName (inherited from Quartz.Trigger) 
CronExpression (inherited from Quartz.CronTrigger) 
CronExpressionString (inherited from Quartz.CronTrigger) 
Description (inherited from Quartz.Trigger) 
EndTimeUtc (inherited from Quartz.CronTrigger) 
FinalFireTimeUtc (inherited from Quartz.CronTrigger) 
FireInstanceId (inherited from Quartz.Trigger) 
FullJobName (inherited from Quartz.Trigger) 
FullName (inherited from Quartz.Trigger) 
Group (inherited from Quartz.Trigger) 
HasAdditionalProperties (inherited from Quartz.Trigger) 
HasMillisecondPrecision (inherited from Quartz.CronTrigger) 
JobDataAsMap Register objects in the JobDataMap via a given Map.
JobDataMap (inherited from Quartz.Trigger) 
JobDetail Set the JobDetail that this trigger should be associated with.
JobGroup (inherited from Quartz.Trigger) 
JobName (inherited from Quartz.Trigger) 
Key (inherited from Quartz.Trigger) 
MisfireInstruction (inherited from Quartz.Trigger) 
MisfireInstructionName Set the misfire instruction via the name of the corresponding constant in the CronTrigger class. Default is SmartPolicy.
Name (inherited from Quartz.Trigger) 
ObjectName Set the name of the object in the object factory that created this object.
Priority (inherited from Quartz.Trigger) 
StartTimeUtc (inherited from Quartz.CronTrigger) 
TimeZone (inherited from Quartz.CronTrigger) 
TriggerListenerNames (inherited from Quartz.Trigger) 
Volatile (inherited from Quartz.Trigger) 

Public Instance Methods

AddTriggerListener (inherited from Quartz.Trigger) 
AfterPropertiesSet Invoked by an IObjectFactory after it has injected all of an object's dependencies.
ClearAllTriggerListeners (inherited from Quartz.Trigger) 
Clone (inherited from Quartz.CronTrigger) 
CompareTo (inherited from Quartz.Trigger) 
ComputeFirstFireTimeUtc (inherited from Quartz.CronTrigger) 
Equals (inherited from Quartz.Trigger) 
ExecutionComplete (inherited from Quartz.Trigger) 
GetExpressionSummary (inherited from Quartz.CronTrigger) 
GetFireTimeAfter (inherited from Quartz.CronTrigger) 
GetHashCode (inherited from Quartz.Trigger) 
GetMayFireAgain (inherited from Quartz.CronTrigger) 
GetNextFireTimeUtc (inherited from Quartz.CronTrigger) 
GetPreviousFireTimeUtc (inherited from Quartz.CronTrigger) 
GetType (inherited from Object)Gets the Type of the current instance.
RemoveTriggerListener (inherited from Quartz.Trigger) 
SetNextFireTime (inherited from Quartz.CronTrigger) 
SetPreviousFireTime (inherited from Quartz.CronTrigger) 
ToString (inherited from Quartz.Trigger) 
Triggered (inherited from Quartz.CronTrigger) 
UpdateAfterMisfire (inherited from Quartz.CronTrigger) 
UpdateWithNewCalendar (inherited from Quartz.CronTrigger) 
Validate (inherited from Quartz.Trigger) 
WillFireOn (inherited from Quartz.CronTrigger)Overloaded.  

Protected Instance Methods

Finalize (inherited from Object)Allows an Object to attempt to free resources and perform other cleanup operations before the Object is reclaimed by garbage collection.
GetTimeAfter (inherited from Quartz.CronTrigger) 
GetTimeBefore (inherited from Quartz.CronTrigger) 
MemberwiseClone (inherited from Object)Creates a shallow copy of the current Object.
ValidateMisfireInstruction (inherited from Quartz.CronTrigger) 

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