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Spring.Scheduling.Quartz Assembly

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Namespace Description
Spring.Scheduling Missing <summary> Documentation for Spring.Scheduling
Spring.Scheduling.Quartz Missing <summary> Documentation for Spring.Scheduling.Quartz


Class Description
AdaptableJobFactory JobFactory implementation that supports ThreadStart objects as well as standard Quartz IJob instances.
CronTriggerObject Convenience subclass of Quartz's CronTrigger type, making property based usage easier.
DelegatingJob Simple Quartz IJob adapter that delegates to a given ThreadStart instance.
JobDetailObject Convenience subclass of Quartz' JobDetail class that eases properties based usage.
JobMethodInvocationFailedException Exception that wraps an exception thrown from a target method. Propagated to the Quartz scheduler from a Job that reflectively invokes an arbitrary target method.
LocalDataSourceJobStore Subclass of Quartz's JobStoreCMT class that delegates to a Spring-managed DataSource instead of using a Quartz-managed connection pool. This JobStore will be used if SchedulerFactoryObject's "dbProvider" property is set.
LocalTaskExecutorThreadPool Quartz ThreadPool adapter that delegates to a Spring-managed TaskExecutor instance, specified on SchedulerFactoryObject.
MethodInvokingJob Quartz Job implementation that invokes a specified method. Automatically applied by MethodInvokingJobDetailFactoryObject.
MethodInvokingJobDetailFactoryObject IFactoryObject that exposes a JobDetail object that delegates job execution to a specified (static or non-static) method. Avoids the need to implement a one-line Quartz Job that just invokes an existing service method.
MethodInvokingRunnable Adapter that implements the Runnable interface as a configurable method invocation based on Spring's MethodInvoker.
QuartzJobObject Simple implementation of the Quartz Job interface, applying the passed-in JobDataMap and also the SchedulerContext as object property values. This is appropriate because a new Job instance will be created for each execution. JobDataMap entries will override SchedulerContext entries with the same keys.
ResourceJobSchedulingDataProcessor Subclass of Quartz' JobSchedulingDataProcessor that considers given filenames as Spring resource locations.
SchedulerAccessor Common base class for accessing a Quartz Scheduler, i.e. for registering jobs, triggers and listeners on a IScheduler instance.
SchedulerAccessorObject Spring class for accessing a Quartz Scheduler, i.e. for registering jobs, triggers and listeners on a given IScheduler instance.
SchedulerFactoryObject FactoryObject that sets up a Quartz Scheduler and exposes it for object references.
SchedulingException Generic scheduling exception.
SimpleThreadPoolTaskExecutor Subclass of Quartz's SimpleThreadPool that implements Spring's TaskExecutor interface and listens to Spring lifecycle callbacks.
SimpleTriggerObject Convenience subclass of Quartz's SimpleTrigger class, making properties based usage easier.
SpringDbProviderAdapter Adapts Spring's IDbProvider to Quartz's IDbProvider.
SpringMetadataAdapter Helper class to map between Quartz and Spring DB metadata.
SpringObjectJobFactory Subclass of AdaptableJobFactory that also supports Spring-style dependency injection on object properties. This is essentially the direct equivalent of Spring's QuartzJobObject in the shape of a Quartz JobFactory.
StatefulMethodInvokingJob Extension of the MethodInvokingJob, implementing the StatefulJob interface. Quartz checks whether or not jobs are stateful and if so, won't let jobs interfere with each other.
TaskRejectedException Missing <summary> documentation for T:Spring.Scheduling.TaskRejectedException


Interface Description
IJobDetailAwareTrigger Interface to be implemented by Quartz Triggers that are aware of the JobDetail object that they are associated with.
ISchedulerContextAware Callback interface to be implemented by Spring-managed Quartz artifacts that need access to the SchedulerContext (without having natural access to it).
ISchedulingTaskExecutor Missing <summary> documentation for T:Spring.Scheduling.ISchedulingTaskExecutor
ITaskExecutor Missing <summary> documentation for T:Spring.Scheduling.ITaskExecutor