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MessageQueueFactoryObject Members

MessageQueueFactoryObject overview

Public Instance Constructors

MessageQueueFactoryObject Constructor Initializes a new instance of the MessageQueueFactoryObject class.

Public Instance Properties

AccessMode Gets or sets the queue access mode.
DenySharedReceive Gets or sets a value indicating whether to create the MessageQueue instance with exclusive read access to the first application that accesses the queue
EnableCache Gets or sets a value indicating whether [enable cache].
EnableConnectionCache Sets a value indicating whether to enable connection cache. The default is false, which is different than the default value when creating a System.Messaging.MessageQueue object.
IsSingleton Is the object managed by this factory a singleton or a prototype?
MessageCreatorDelegate Gets or sets an instance of the MessageQueueCreator delegate that will be used to create the MessageQueue object, instead of using the various public properties on this class such as Path, AccessMode, etc. Not intended for end-users but rather as a means to help register MessageQueueFactoryObject at runtime using convenience method on the IMessageQueueFactory.
MessageReadPropertyFilterSetAll Sets a value indicating whether to retrieve all message properties when receiving a message.
MessageReadPropertyFilterSetDefaults Sets a value indicating whether to set the filter values of common Message Queuing properties to true and the integer-valued properties to their default values..
ObjectName Set the name of the object in the object factory that created this object.
ObjectType Return the Type of object that this IFactoryObject creates, or a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic) if not known in advance.
Path Gets or sets the path used to create a MessageQueue instance.
ProductTemplate Gets the template object definition that should be used to configure the instance of the object managed by this factory.
RemoteQueue Gets or sets a value indicating whether the queue is a remote queue.
RemoteQueueIsTransactional Gets or sets a value indicating whether the remote queue is transactional.

Public Instance Methods

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GetObject Retrun a configured MessageQueue object.
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Protected Instance Methods

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