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TransactionalMessageListenerContainer.UseContainerManagedMessageQueueTransaction Property

Gets or sets a value indicating whether the MessageListenerContainer should be responsible for creating a MessageQueueTransaction when receiving a message.

[Visual Basic]
Public Property UseContainerManagedMessageQueueTransaction() As Boolean
   Public Get
   End Get
   Public Set
   End Set
End Property
public bool UseContainerManagedMessageQueueTransaction { public get; public set; }

Property Value

true to use a container managed MessageQueueTransaction; otherwise, false.


Creating MessageQueueTransactions is usually the responsibility of the IPlatformTransactionManager, e.g. TxScopePlatformTransactionManager (when using DTC) or MessageQueueTransactionManager (when using local messaging transactions).

For all other IPlatformTransactionManager implementations, including when none is specified, the MessageListenerContainer will itself create a MessageQueueTransaction (assuming the container is consuming from a transactional queue).

Set the ExposeContainerManagedMessageQueueTransaction property to true if you want the MessageQueueTransaction to be exposed to Spring's MessageQueueTemplate class

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