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IMessageTransactionExceptionHandler Interface

The exception handler within a transactional context.

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[Visual Basic]
Public Interface IMessageTransactionExceptionHandler
public interface IMessageTransactionExceptionHandler

Types that implement IMessageTransactionExceptionHandler

Type Description
SendToQueueExceptionHandler Keeps track of the Message's Id property in memory with a count of how many times an exception has occurred. If that count is greater than the handler's MaxRetry count it will be sent to another queue using the provided MessageQueueTransaction. The queue to send the message to is specified via the property MessageQueueObjectName.


The return value indicates to the invoker (typically a TransactionalMessageListenerContainer) whether the MessageTransaction that is associated with the delivery of this message should be rolled back (placing the message back on the transactional queue for redelivery) or commited (removing the message from the transactional queue)


Namespace: Spring.Messaging.Listener

Assembly: Spring.Messaging (in Spring.Messaging.dll)

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