Spring.NET 1.3.0 RC1 for .NET 2.0 API Reference

Spring.Messaging.Core Namespace

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Namespace Hierarchy


Class Description
DefaultMessageQueueFactory A IMessageQueueFactory implementation that caches MessageQueue and IMessageConverter instances. The MessageQueue objects are created by retrieving them by-name from the ApplicationContext.
LocallyExposedMessageQueueResourceHolder MessageQueueResourceHolder marker subclass that indicates local exposure, i.e. that does not indicate an externally managed transaction.
MessageQueueGatewaySupport Convenient super class for application classes that need MSMQ access.
MessageQueueMetadata Encapsulates additional metadata information about the MessageQueue that can not be easily obtained from the MessageQueue itself.
MessageQueueMetadataCache Missing <summary> documentation for T:Spring.Messaging.Core.MessageQueueMetadataCache
MessageQueueResourceHolder MessageQueue resource holder, wrapping a MessageQueueTransaction. MessageQueueTransactionManager binds instances of this class to the thread.
MessageQueueTemplate Helper class that simplifies MSMQ access code.
MessageQueueTransactionManager IPlatformTransactionManager implementation for MSMQ. Binds a MessageQueueTransaction to the thread.
QueueUtils Utility methods to support Spring's MSMQ functionality


Interface Description
IMessageQueueFactory An interface for creating MessageQueue and IMessageConverter objects from object definitions defined in the application context.
IMessageQueueOperations Specifies a basic set of helper MSMQ opertions.
IResourceFactory Callback interface for resource creation. Serving as argument for the


Delegate Description
MessagePostProcessorDelegate To be used with MessageQueueTemplate's send method that convert an object to a message.