ISessionAwareMessageListener Interface
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ISessionAwareMessageListener Interface

Variant of the standard NMS MessageListener interface, offering not only the received Message but also the underlying Session object. The latter can be used to send reply messages, without the need to access an external Connection/Session, i.e. without the need to access the underlying ConnectionFactory.

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[Visual Basic]
Public Interface ISessionAwareMessageListener
public interface ISessionAwareMessageListener

Types that implement ISessionAwareMessageListener

Type Description
MessageListenerAdapter Message listener adapter that delegates the handling of messages to target listener methods via reflection, with flexible message type conversion. Allows listener methods to operate on message content types, completely independent from the NMS API.


Supported by Spring's SimpleMessageListenerContainer as direct alternative to the standard MessageListener interface.


Namespace: Spring.Messaging.Nms.Listener

Assembly: Spring.Messaging.Nms (in Spring.Messaging.Nms.dll)

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