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Spring.Messaging.Ems.Listener Namespace

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Namespace Hierarchy


Class Description
AbstractListenerContainer Common base class for all containers which need to implement listening based on a Connection (either shared or freshly obtained for each attempt). Inherits basic Connection and Session configuration handling from the EmsAccessor base class.
AbstractMessageListenerContainer Abstract base class for message listener containers. Can either host a standard EMS MessageListener or a Spring-specific ISessionAwareMessageListener
LocallyExposedEmsResourceHolder EmsResourceHolder marker subclass that indicates local exposure, i.e. that does not indicate an externally managed transaction.
RecoveryTimeExceededException Exception thrown when the maximum connection recovery time has been exceeded.
SharedConnectionNotInitializedException Exception that indicates that the initial setup of this container's shared Connection failed. This is indicating to invokers that they need to establish the shared Connection themselves on first access.
SimpleMessageListenerContainer Message listener container that uses the plain EMS client API's MessageConsumer.Listener method to create concurrent MessageConsumers for the specified listeners.


Interface Description
ISessionAwareMessageListener Variant of the standard EMS MessageListener interface, offering not only the received Message but also the underlying Session object. The latter can be used to send reply messages, without the need to access an external Connection/Session, i.e. without the need to access the underlying ConnectionFactory.