Spring.NET 1.3.0 RC1 for .NET 2.0 API Reference

AbstractMessageListenerContainer.AcceptMessagesWhileStopping Property

Gets or sets a value indicating whether to accept messages while the listener container is in the process of stopping.

[Visual Basic]
Public Property AcceptMessagesWhileStopping() As Boolean
   Public Get
   End Get
   Public Set
   End Set
End Property
public bool AcceptMessagesWhileStopping { public get; public set; }

Property Value

true if accept messages while in the process of stopping; otherwise, false.


Return whether to accept received messages while the listener container receive attempt. Switch this flag on to fully process such messages even in the stopping phase, with the drawback that even newly sent messages might still get processed (if coming in before all receive timeouts have expired).

Aborting receive attempts for such incoming messages might lead to the provider's retry count decreasing for the affected messages. If you have a high number of concurrent consumers, make sure that the number of retries is higher than the number of consumers, to be on the safe side for all potential stopping scenarios.

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