IEmsOperations.ReceiveSelected(String, String) Method
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IEmsOperations.ReceiveSelected(String, String) Method

Receive a message synchronously from the specified destination, but only wait up to a specified time for delivery.

This method should be used carefully, since it will block the thread until the message becomes available or until the timeout value is exceeded.

[Visual Basic]
Public Sub ReceiveSelected( _
   ByVal destinationName As String, _
   ByVal messageSelector As String _
Message ReceiveSelected(
   string destinationName,
   string messageSelector


the name of the destination to send this message to (to be resolved to an actual destination by a DestinationResolver)
the EMS message selector expression (or
if none). See the EMS specification for a detailed definition of selector expressions.

Return Value

the message received by the consumer, or

if the timeout expires


Exception TypeCondition
EMSExceptionIf there is any problem accessing the EMS API

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