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Spring.Messaging.Ems.Connections Namespace

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Namespace Hierarchy


Class Description
CachedMessageConsumer EMS MessageConsumer decorator that adapts all calls to a shared MessageConsumer instance underneath.
CachedMessageProducer MessageProducer decorator that adapts calls to a shared MessageProducer instance underneath, managing QoS settings locally within the decorator.
CachedSession Wrapper for Session that caches producers and registers itself as available to the session cache when being closed. Generally used for testing purposes or if need to get at the wrapped Session object via the TargetSession property (for vendor specific methods).
CachingConnectionFactory SingleConnectionFactory subclass that adds Session, MessageProducer, and MessageConsumer caching. This ConnectionFactory also switches the ReconnectOnException property to true by default, allowing for automatic recovery of the underlying Connection.
ChainedExceptionListener Implementation of Spring IExceptionListener interface that supports chaining allowing the addition of multiple ExceptionListener instances in order.
ConnectionFactoryUtils Helper class for obtaining transactional EMS resources for a given ConnectionFactory.
EmsResourceHolder Connection holder, wrapping a EMS Connection and a EMS Session. EmsTransactionManager binds instances of this class to the thread, for a given EMS ConnectionFactory.

Note: This is an SPI class, not intended to be used by applications.

EmsTransactionManager A AbstractPlatformTransactionManager implementation for a single EMS
. Binds a Connection/Session pair from the specified ConnecctionFactory to the thread, potentially allowing for one thread-bound Session per ConnectionFactory.
SingleConnectionFactory A ConnectionFactory adapter that returns the same Connection from all CreateConnection() calls, and ignores calls to Connection.Close(). According to the JMS Connection model, this is perfectly thread-safe. The shared Connection can be automatically recovered in case of an Exception.
SynchedLocalTransactionFailedException Exception thrown when a synchronized local transaction failed to complete (after the main transaction has already completed).


Interface Description
ConnectionFactoryUtils.ResourceFactory Callback interface for resource creation. Serving as argument for the
IDecoratorSession Subinterface of Session to be implemented by implementations that wrap an Session to provide added functionality. Allows access to the the underlying target Session.
ISmartConnectionFactory Extension of the
interface, indicating how to release Connections obtained from it.