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IConnectionFactory Interface

Missing <summary> documentation for T:Spring.Messaging.Ems.Common.IConnectionFactory

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[Visual Basic]
Public Interface IConnectionFactory
    Implements ISerializable, ICloneable
public interface IConnectionFactory : ISerializable, ICloneable

Types that implement IConnectionFactory

Type Description
EmsConnectionFactory Missing <summary> documentation for T:Spring.Messaging.Ems.Common.EmsConnectionFactory
CachingConnectionFactory SingleConnectionFactory subclass that adds Session, MessageProducer, and MessageConsumer caching. This ConnectionFactory also switches the ReconnectOnException property to true by default, allowing for automatic recovery of the underlying Connection.
SingleConnectionFactory A ConnectionFactory adapter that returns the same Connection from all CreateConnection() calls, and ignores calls to Connection.Close(). According to the JMS Connection model, this is perfectly thread-safe. The shared Connection can be automatically recovered in case of an Exception.


Namespace: Spring.Messaging.Ems.Common

Assembly: Spring.Messaging.Ems (in Spring.Messaging.Ems.dll)

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