Spring.NET 1.3.0 RC1 for .NET 2.0 API Reference

Spring.Transaction Namespace

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Namespace Hierarchy


Class Description
CannotCreateTransactionException Exception thrown when a transaction can't be created using an underlying transaction API such as COM+.
HeuristicCompletionException Exception that represents a transaction failure caused by heuristics.
IllegalTransactionStateException Exception thrown when the existence or non-existence of a transaction amounts to an illegal state according to the transaction propagation behavior that applies.
InvalidIsolationLevelException Exception that gets thrown when an invalid isolation level is specified, i.e. an isolation level that the transaction manager implementation doesn't support.
InvalidTimeoutException Exception that gets thrown when an invalid timeout is specified, for example when the transaction manager implementation doesn't support timeouts.
NestedTransactionNotSupportedException Exception thrown when attempting to work with a nested transaction but nested transactions are not supported by the underlying backend.
NoTransactionException Exception thrown when an operation is attempted that relies on an existing transaction (such as setting rollback status) and there is no existing transaction. This represents an illegal usage of the transaction API.
TransactionException Base class for all transaction exceptions.
TransactionSuspensionNotSupportedException Exception thrown when attempting to suspend an existing transaction but transaction suspension is not supported by the underlying backend.
TransactionSystemException Exception thrown when a general transaction system error is encountered, for instance on commit or rollback.
TransactionTimedOutException Exception to be thrown when a transaction has timed out.
TransactionUsageException Superclass for exceptions caused by inappropriate usage of a Spring.NET transaction API.
UnexpectedRollbackException Thrown when an attempt to commit a transaction resulted in an unexpected rollback.


Interface Description
IPlatformTransactionManager This is the central interface in Spring.NET's transaction support.
ISavepointManager Interface that specifies means to programmatically manage transaction savepoints in a generic fashion.
ITransactionDefinition Interface for classes that define transaction properties. Base interface for ITransactionAttribute.
ITransactionStatus Representation of the status of a transaction, consisting of a transaction object and some status flags.


Enumeration Description
TransactionOutcomeState Represents a transaction's current state.
TransactionPropagation Enumeration describing Spring.NET's transaction propagation settings.