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Spring.Transaction.Interceptor Namespace

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Namespace Hierarchy


Class Description
AbstractFallbackTransactionAttributeSource Abstract implementation of ITransactionAttributeSource that caches attributes for methods, and implements a default fallback policy.
AttributesTransactionAttributeSource Implementation of ITransactionAttributeSource that uses Attributes.
DefaultTransactionAttribute Transaction attribute approach to rolling back on all exceptions, no other exceptions by default.
DefaultTransactionAttributeSourceAdvisor Advisor driven by a ITransactionAttributeSource, used to exclude a general advice IAdvice from methods that are non-transactional.
DelegatingTransactionAttributeWithName ITransactionAttribute that delegates all calls to a give target attribute except for the name, which is specified in the constructor.
MatchAlwaysTransactionAttributeSource Very simple implementation of ITransactionAttributeSource which will always return the same ITransactionAttribute for all methods fed to it.
MethodMapTransactionAttributeSource Simple implementation of the ITransactionAttributeSource interface that allows attributes to be stored per method in a map.
NameMatchTransactionAttributeSource Simple implementation of the ITransactionAttributeSource that allows attributes to be matched by registered name.
NoRollbackRuleAttribute Tag class. Its class means it has the opposite behaviour to the RollbackRuleAttribute superclass.
RollbackRuleAttribute Rule determining whether or not a given exception (and any subclasses) should cause a rollback.
RuleBasedTransactionAttribute ITransactionAttribute implementation that works out whether a given exception should cause transaction rollback by applying a number of rollback rules, both positive and negative.
TransactionAspectSupport Superclass for transaction aspects, such as the AOP Alliance-compatible TransactionInterceptor.
TransactionAspectSupport.TransactionInfo Opaque object used to hold transaction information.
TransactionAttribute .NET Attribute for describing transactional behavior of methods in a class.
TransactionAttributeConverter Type converter for ITransactionAttribute objects.
TransactionAttributeEditor Type converter for ITransactionAttribute objects.
TransactionAttributeSourceAdvisor Advisor driven by a ITransactionAttributeSource, used to exclude a TransactionInterceptor from methods that are non-transactional.
TransactionAttributeSourceEditor Editor that can convert String values into ITransactionAttributeSource instances.
TransactionAttributeSourceEditor.PropertiesEditor Internal class to parse property values.
TransactionInterceptor An AOP Alliance IMethodInterceptor providing declarative transaction management using the common Spring.NET transaction infrastructure.
TransactionProxyFactoryObject Proxy factory object for simplified declarative transaction handling.


Interface Description
ITransactionAttribute This interface adds a RollbackOn specification to ITransactionDefinition.
ITransactionAttributeSource Interface used by TransactionInterceptor to source transaction attributes.