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TransactionAspectSupport Members

TransactionAspectSupport overview

Public Static (Shared) Fields

CURRENT_TRANSACTIONINFO_SLOTNAME The name in thread local storage where the TransactionInfo object is located

Public Static (Shared) Properties

CurrentTransactionStatus Returns the ITransactionStatus of the current method invocation.

Protected Static (Shared) Properties

CurrentTransactionInfo Subclasses can use this to return the current TransactionAspectSupport.TransactionInfo.

Public Instance Constructors

TransactionAspectSupport Constructor Creates a new instance of the TransactionAspectSupport class.

Public Instance Properties

TransactionAttributes Set properties with method names as keys and transaction attribute descriptors (parsed via TransactionAttributeEditor) as values: e.g. key = "MyMethod", value = "PROPAGATION_REQUIRED,readOnly".
TransactionAttributeSource Gets and sets the ITransactionAttributeSource for this aspect.
TransactionManager Gets and sets the IPlatformTransactionManager for this aspect.

Public Instance Methods

AfterPropertiesSet Checks that the required properties are set.
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Protected Instance Fields

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Protected Instance Methods

CleanupTransactionInfo Resets the TransactionAspectSupport.TransactionInfo for this thread.
CommitTransactionAfterReturning Execute after the successful completion of call, but not after an exception was handled.
CompleteTransactionAfterThrowing Handle a exception, closing out the transaction.
CreateTransactionIfNecessaryOverloaded. Create a transaction if necessary
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MethodIdentification Identifies the method by providing the qualfied method name.

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