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ITransactionDefinition Interface

Interface for classes that define transaction properties. Base interface for ITransactionAttribute.

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[Visual Basic]
Public Interface ITransactionDefinition
public interface ITransactionDefinition

Types that implement ITransactionDefinition

Type Description
DefaultTransactionAttribute Transaction attribute approach to rolling back on all exceptions, no other exceptions by default.
DelegatingTransactionAttributeWithName ITransactionAttribute that delegates all calls to a give target attribute except for the name, which is specified in the constructor.
RuleBasedTransactionAttribute ITransactionAttribute implementation that works out whether a given exception should cause transaction rollback by applying a number of rollback rules, both positive and negative.
DefaultTransactionDefinition Default implementation of the ITransactionDefinition interface, offering object-style configuration and sensible default values.
TransactionTemplate Helper class that simplifies programmatic transaction demarcation and transaction exception handling.


Note that isolation level, timeout and read-only settings will only get applied when starting a new transaction. As only Required and RequiresNew can actually cause that, it doesn't make sense to specify any of those settings else. Furthermore, not all transaction managers will support those features and thus throw respective exceptions when given non-default values.


Namespace: Spring.Transaction

Assembly: Spring.Data (in Spring.Data.dll)

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