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IResultSetExtractor Interface

Callback interface to process all result sets and rows in an AdoTemplate query method.

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[Visual Basic]
Public Interface IResultSetExtractor
public interface IResultSetExtractor

Types that implement IResultSetExtractor

Type Description
RowMapperResultSetExtractor Adapter implementation of the ResultSetExtractor interface that delegates to a RowMapper which is supposed to create an object for each row. Each object is added to the results List of this ResultSetExtractor.
RowCallbackResultSetExtractor Adapter to enable use of a IRowCallback inside a ResultSetExtractor.


Implementations of this interface perform the work of extracting results but don't need worry about managing ADO.NET resources, such as closing the reader or transaction management.

This interface is mainly used within the ADO.NET framework. An IResultSetExtractor is usually a simpler choice for result set (DataReader) processing, in particular a RowMapperResultSetExtractor in combination with a IRowMapper.

Note: in contracts to a IRowCallbackHandler, a ResultSetExtractor is usually stateless and thus reusable, as long as it doesn't access stateful resources or keep result state within the object.


Namespace: Spring.Data

Assembly: Spring.Data (in Spring.Data.dll)

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