IDbProvider Members
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IDbProvider Members

IDbProvider overview

Public Instance Properties

ConnectionString Connection string used to create connections.
DbMetadata Return metadata information about the database provider

Public Instance Methods

CreateCommand Returns a new command object for executing SQL statments/Stored Procedures against the database.
CreateCommandBuilder Returns a new instance of the providers CommandBuilder class.
CreateConnection Returns a new connection object to communicate with the database.
CreateDataAdapter Returns a new adapter objects for use with offline DataSets.
CreateParameter Returns a new parameter object for binding values to parameter placeholders in SQL statements or Stored Procedure variables.
CreateParameterName Creates the name of the parameter in the format appropriate to use inside IDbCommand.CommandText.
CreateParameterNameForCollection Creates the name ofthe parameter in the format appropriate for an IDataParameter, i.e. to be part of a IDataParameterCollection.
ExtractError Extracts the provider specific error code as a string.
IsDataAccessException Determines whether the provided exception is in fact related to database access. This can be provider dependent in .NET 1.1 since there isn't a common base class for ADO.NET exceptions.

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