ChainedPersistenceExceptionTranslator.TranslateExceptionIfPossible Method
Spring.NET 1.3.0 RC1 for .NET 2.0 API Reference

ChainedPersistenceExceptionTranslator.TranslateExceptionIfPossible Method

Translate the given exception thrown by a persistence framework to a corresponding exception from Spring's generic DataAccessException hierarchy, if possible.

[Visual Basic]
Public NotOverridable Sub TranslateExceptionIfPossible( _
   ByVal ex As Exception _
) _
    Implements IPersistenceExceptionTranslator.TranslateExceptionIfPossible
public DataAccessException TranslateExceptionIfPossible(
   Exception ex


The exception thrown.

Return Value

the corresponding DataAccessException (or

if the exception could not be translated, as in this case it may result from user code rather than an actual persistence problem)




Do not translate exceptions that are not understand by this translator: for example, if coming from another persistence framework, or resulting from user code and unrelated to persistence.

Of particular importance is the correct translation to DataIntegrityViolationException for example on constraint violation. Implementations may use Spring ADO.NET Framework's sophisticated exception translation to provide further information in the event of SQLException as a root cause.

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