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SessionFactoryUtils Members

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Public Static (Shared) Fields

SESSION_SYNCHRONIZATION_ORDER The ordering value for synchronizaiton this session resources. Set to be lower than ADO.NET synchronization.

Public Static (Shared) Methods

ApplyTransactionTimeoutOverloaded. Applies the current transaction timeout, if any, to the given criteria object
CloseSession Perform the actual closing of the Hibernate Session catching and logging any cleanup exceptions thrown.
ConvertHibernateAccessException Convert the given HibernateException to an appropriate exception from the
hierarchy. Note that it is advisable to handle AdoException specifically by using a AdoExceptionTranslator for the underlying ADO.NET exception.
DoGetSession Get a Hibernate Session for the given SessionFactory.
GetDbProvider Gets the Spring IDbProvider given the ISessionFactory.
GetNewSession Get a new Hibernate Session from the given SessionFactory. Will return a new Session even if there already is a pre-bound Session for the given SessionFactory.
GetSessionOverloaded. Get a Hibernate Session for the given SessionFactory. Is aware of and will return any existing corresponding Session bound to the current thread, for example when using HibernateTransactionManager. Will always create a new Session otherwise.
InitDeferredClose Initialize deferred close for the current thread and the given SessionFactory. Sessions will not be actually closed on close calls then, but rather at a processDeferredClose call at a finishing point (like request completion).
IsDeferredCloseActive Return if deferred close is active for the current thread and the given SessionFactory.
IsSessionTransactional Return whether the given Hibernate Session is transactional, that is, bound to the current thread by Spring's transaction facilities.
NewAdoExceptionTranslator Create a IAdoExceptionTranslator from the given SessionFactory.
ProcessDeferredClose Process Sessions that have been registered for deferred close for the given SessionFactory.
ReleaseSession Close the given Session, created via the given factory, if it is not managed externally (i.e. not bound to the thread).

Public Instance Constructors

SessionFactoryUtils Constructor Initializes a new instance of the SessionFactoryUtils class.

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