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ICommonHibernateOperations Members

ICommonHibernateOperations overview

Public Instance Methods

Clear Remove all objects from the Session cache, and cancel all pending saves, updates and deletes.
Contains Determines whether the given object is in the Session cache.
DeleteOverloaded. Delete the given persistent instance.
Evict Remove the given object from the Session cache.
Flush Flush all pending saves, updates and deletes to the database.
Load Load the persistent instance with the given identifier into the given object, throwing an exception if not found.
Lock Obtain the specified lock level upon the given object, implicitly checking whether the corresponding database entry still exists (throwing an OptimisticLockingFailureException if not found).
RefreshOverloaded. Re-read the state of the given persistent instance.
SaveOverloaded. Persist the given transient instance.
SaveOrUpdate Save or update the given persistent instance, according to its id (matching the configured "unsaved-value"?).
SaveOrUpdateCopy Save or update the contents of given persistent object, according to its id (matching the configured "unsaved-value"?). Will copy the contained fields to an already loaded instance with the same id, if appropriate.
UpdateOverloaded. Update the given persistent instance.

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