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HibernateDaoSupport Members

HibernateDaoSupport overview

Public Instance Constructors

HibernateDaoSupport Constructor Initializes a new instance of the HibernateDaoSupport class.

Public Instance Properties

HibernateTemplate Gets or sets the hibernate template.
Session Get a Hibernate Session, either from the current transaction or a new one. The latter is only allowed if the "allowCreate" setting of this object's HibernateTemplate is true.
SessionFactory Gets or sets the session factory to be used by this DAO. Will automatically create a HibernateTemplate for the given SessionFactory.

Public Instance Methods

AfterPropertiesSet (inherited from DaoSupport)Missing <summary> documentation for M:Spring.Dao.Support.DaoSupport.AfterPropertiesSet
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Protected Instance Methods

CheckDaoConfig Check if the hibernate template property has been set.
ConvertHibernateAccessException Convert the given HibernateException to an appropriate exception from the
hierarchy. Will automatically detect wrapped ADO.NET Exceptions and convert them accordingly.
CreateHibernateTemplate Create a HibernateTemplate for the given ISessionFactory.
DoGetSession Get a Hibernate Session, either from the current transaction or a new one. The latter is only allowed if "allowCreate" is true.
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InitDao (inherited from DaoSupport) Concrete subclasses can override this for custom initialization behavior.
MemberwiseClone (inherited from Object)Creates a shallow copy of the current Object.
ReleaseSession Close the given Hibernate Session, created via this DAO's SessionFactory, if it isn't bound to the thread.

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