Spring.NET 1.3.0 RC1 for .NET 2.0 API Reference

IHibernateOperations.ExecuteFind(T)(FindHibernateDelegate) Method

Execute the action specified by the given action object within a Session.

[Visual Basic]
Public Sub ExecuteFind(Of T)( _
   ByVal del As FindHibernateDelegate(Of T) _
IList<T> ExecuteFind<T>(
   FindHibernateDelegate<T> del


The delegate callback object that specifies the Hibernate action.

Return Value

A generic IList returned by the action, or null


Application exceptions thrown by the action object get propagated to the caller (can only be unchecked). Hibernate exceptions are transformed into appropriate DAO ones. Allows for returning the result object.

Note: Callback code is not supposed to handle transactions itself! Use an appropriate transaction manager like HibernateTransactionManager. Generally, callback code must not touch any Session lifecycle methods, like close, disconnect, or reconnect, to let the template do its work.


Exception TypeCondition
DataAccessExceptionIn case of Hibernate errors

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