Spring.NET 1.3.0 RC1 for .NET 2.0 API Reference

Spring.Util Namespace

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Namespace Hierarchy


Class Description
ArrayUtils Various utility methods relating to the manipulation of arrays.
AssertUtils Assertion utility methods that simplify things such as argument checks.
AttributeUtils General utility methods for working with annotations
CollectionUtils Miscellaneous collection utility methods.
CompareUtils Utility class containing helper methods for object comparison.
ConfigurationUtils Utility class for .NET configuration files management.
ConfigXmlAttribute An XmlAttribute holding information about its original text source location.
ConfigXmlDocument An XmlDocument implementation, who's elements retain information about their location in the original XML text document the were read from.
ConfigXmlElement An XmlElement holding information about its original text source location.
DefensiveEventRaiser Raises events defensively.
DelegateInfo Discovers the attributes of a DelegateType and provides access to the DelegateTypes metadata.
DynamicCodeManager Use this class for obtaining ModuleBuilder instances for dynamic code generation.
EventRaiser A utility class for raising events in a generic and consistent fashion.
FatalReflectionException Thrown on an unrecoverable problem encountered in the objects namespace or sub-namespaces, e.g. bad class or field.
NumberUtils Various utility methods relating to numbers.
ObjectUtils Helper methods with regard to objects, types, properties, etc.
PathMatcher Support matching of file system paths in a manner similar to that of the NAntFileSet.
PatternMatchUtils Utility methods for simple pattern matching, in particular for Spring's typical "xxx*", "*xxx" and "*xxx*" pattern styles.
Properties An implementation of the Java Properties class.
ReflectionException Superclass for all exceptions thrown in the Objects namespace and sub-namespaces.
ReflectionUtils Various reflection related methods that are missing from the standard library.
ReflectionUtils.CustomAttributeBuilderBuilder Creates a CustomAttributeBuilder.
StringUtils Miscellaneous String utility methods.
SystemUtils Utility class containing miscellaneous system-level functionality.
TextPositionInfo Holds text position information for e.g. error reporting purposes.
UniqueKey UniqueKey allows for generating keys unique to a type or particular instance and a partial name, that can e.g. be used as keys in Hashtable.
XmlUtils XML utility methods.


Interface Description
IChainableConfigSystem Implement this interface to create your own, delegating IInternalConfigSystem and set them using SetConfigurationSystem
ITextPosition Holds text position information for e.g. error reporting purposes.


Delegate Description
CollectionUtils.CompareCallback A callback method used for comparing to items.
PatternMatchUtils.ObjectNameMatchPredicate Signature of callbacks that may be used for matching object names.