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Public Static (Shared) Properties

CurrentTimeMillis Placeholder for java.lang.System.currentTimeMillis
ThreadInterrupted Has been interrupted this thread

Public Static (Shared) Methods

CurrentNanoSeconds Returns the number of nanoseconds for the current value of Now
DeltaTimeMillisMissing <summary> documentation for M:Spring.Threading.Utils.DeltaTimeMillis(System.DateTime,System.DateTime) 
FailFastIfInterrupted .NET threads have not a method to check if they have been interrupted. Moreover, differently from java threads, when entering locked blocks, Monitor, Sleep, SpinWait and so on, a ThreadInterruptedException will be raised by the runtime. Spring.Threading classes usually call this method before entering a lock block, to mirror java code Usually this is non issue because the same exception will be raised entering the monitor associated with the lock ()
NanoSecondsTimeSpan Returns a TimeSpan representing the number of nanoseconds passed in via nanoSeconds.
TimeSpanNanoSeconds Returns the number of nano seconds represented by the timeSpan
ToTimeMillis Normalize the given DateTime so that is is comparable with CurrentTimeMillis.

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