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IObjectWrapper Interface

The central interface of Spring.NET's low-level object infrastructure.

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[Visual Basic]
Public Interface IObjectWrapper
public interface IObjectWrapper

Types that implement IObjectWrapper

Type Description
ObjectWrapper Default implementation of the IObjectWrapper interface that should be sufficient for all normal uses.


Typically not directly used by application code but rather implicitly via an IObjectFactory.

Implementing classes have the ability to get and set property values (individually or in bulk), get property descriptors and query the readability and writability of properties.

This interface supports nested properties enabling the setting of properties on subproperties to an unlimited depth.

If a property update causes an exception, a PropertyAccessException will be thrown. Bulk updates continue after exceptions are encountered, throwing an exception wrapping all exceptions encountered during the update.

IObjectWrapper implementations can be used repeatedly, with their "target" or wrapped object changed.


Namespace: Spring.Objects

Assembly: Spring.Core (in Spring.Core.dll)

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