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Spring.Objects.Factory Namespace

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Namespace Hierarchy


Class Description
FactoryObjectNotInitializedException Exception thrown if an IFactoryObject is not fully initialized, for example if it is involved in a circular reference.
NoSuchObjectDefinitionException Exception thrown when an IObjectFactory is asked for an object instance name for which it cannot find a definition.
ObjectCreationException Thrown when an IObjectFactory encounters an error when attempting to create an object from an object definition.
ObjectCurrentlyInCreationException Thrown in case of a reference to an object that is currently in creation.
ObjectDefinitionException Exception thrown when an INamespaceParser encounters an error when attempting to parse an object definition.
ObjectDefinitionStoreException Thrown when an IObjectFactory encounters an internal error, and its definitions are invalid.
ObjectFactoryUtils Convenience methods operating on object factories, returning object instances, names, or counts.
ObjectInitializationException Exception that an object implementation is suggested to throw if its own factory-aware initialization code fails. ObjectsException thrown by object factory methods themselves should simply be propagated as-is.
ObjectIsNotAFactoryException Thrown in response to an attempt to lookup a factory object, and the object identified by the lookup key is not a factory.
ObjectNotOfRequiredTypeException Thrown when an object doesn't match the required Type.
UnsatisfiedDependencyException Exception thrown when an object depends on other objects or simple properties that were not specified in the object factory definition, although dependency checking was enabled.


Interface Description
IFactoryObject Interface to be implemented by objects used within an IObjectFactory that are themselves factories.
IGenericObjectFactory Interface defining a factory which can return an object instance (possibly shared or independent) when invoked.
IHierarchicalObjectFactory Sub-interface implemented by object factories that can be part of a hierarchy.
IInitializingObject Defines a simple initialization callback for objects that need to to some post-initialization logic after all of their dependencies have been injected.
IListableObjectFactory Extension of the IObjectFactory interface to be implemented by object factories that can enumerate all their object instances, rather than attempting object lookup by name one by one as requested by clients.
IObjectFactory The root interface for accessing a Spring.NET IoC container.
IObjectFactoryAware Interface to be implemented by objects that wish to be aware of their owning IObjectFactory.
IObjectNameAware Interface to be implemented by objects that wish to be aware of their object name in an IObjectFactory.