Spring.NET 1.3.0 RC1 for .NET 2.0 API Reference

Spring.Objects.Factory.Xml Namespace

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Namespace Hierarchy


Class Description
AbstractObjectDefinitionParser Abstract IObjectDefinitionParser implementation providing a number of convenience methods and a ParseInternal template method that subclasses must override to provide the actual parsing logic.
AbstractSimpleObjectDefinitionParser Convenient base class for when there exists a one-to-one mapping between attribute names on the element that is to be parsed and the property names on the Type being configured.
AbstractSingleObjectDefinitionParser Base Type for those IObjectDefinitionParser implementations that need to parse and define just a single IObjectDefinition.
DefaultObjectDefinitionDocumentReader XML resource reader.
DocumentDefaultsDefinition Simple class that holds the defaults specified at the
level in a standard Spring XML object definition document:
, etc.
NamespaceParserAttribute Attribute that should be used to specify the default namespace and schema location for a custom namespace parser.
NamespaceParserRegistry Provides a resolution mechanism for configuration parsers.
NamespaceParserSupport Support class for implementing custom namespace parsers.
ObjectDefinitionConstants Constants defining the structure and values associated with the Spring.NET XML object definition format.
ObjectDefinitionParserHelper Stateful class used to parse XML object definitions.
ObjectFactorySectionHandler Creates an IObjectFactory instance populated with the object definitions supplied in the configuration section.
ObjectsNamespaceParser Default implementation of the INamespaceParser interface.
ParserContext Context that gets passed along an object definition parsing process, encapsulating all relevant configuraiton as well as state.
XmlObjectDefinitionReader Object definition reader for Spring's default XML object definition format.
XmlObjectFactory Convenience extension of DefaultListableObjectFactory that reads object definitions from an XML document or element.
XmlReaderContext Extension of ReaderContext specific to use with an XmlObjectDefinitionReader. Provides access to NamespaceParserResolver configured in XmlObjectDefinitionReader


Interface Description
INamespaceParser Strategy interface for parsing XML object definitions. Equivalent to Spring/Java's NamespaceHandler interface.
IObjectDefinitionDocumentReader SPI for parsing an XML document that contains Spring object definitions. Used by XmlObjectDefinitionReader for actually parsing a DOM document.
IObjectDefinitionParser Interface used to handle custom, top-level tags.