Spring.NET 1.3.0 RC1 for .NET 2.0 API Reference

Spring.Objects.Factory.Support Namespace

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Namespace Hierarchy


Class Description
AbstractAutowireCapableObjectFactory Abstract IObjectFactory superclass that implements default object creation.
AbstractMethodReplacer An IMethodReplacer implementation that provides some convenience support for derived classes.
AbstractObjectDefinition Common base class for object definitions, factoring out common functionality from RootObjectDefinition and ChildObjectDefinition.
AbstractObjectDefinitionReader Abstract base class for object definition readers.
AbstractObjectFactory Abstract superclass for IObjectFactory implementations.
AutowireUtils Utility class that contains various methods useful for the implementation of autowire-capable object factories.
ChildObjectDefinition Object definition for definitions that inherit settings from their parent (object definition).
DefaultListableObjectFactory Concrete implementation of the IListableObjectFactory and IObjectDefinitionRegistry interfaces.
DefaultObjectDefinitionFactory Default implementation of the IObjectDefinitionFactory interface.
DefaultObjectNameGenerator Default implementation of the IObjectNameGenerator interface, deleagting to ObjectDefinitionReaderUtils's GenerateObjectName.
DelegatingMethodReplacer An IMethodReplacer implementation that delegates to an IMethodReplacer that is obtained as the result of a lookup in an associated IoC container.
GenericObjectDefinition GenericObjectDefinition is a one-stop shop for standard object definition purposes. Like any object definition, it allows for specifying a class plus optionally constructor argument values and property values. Additionally, deriving from a parent bean definition can be flexibly configured through the "parentName" property.
LookupMethodOverride Represents an override of a method that looks up an object in the same IoC context.
LookupMethodReplacer An IMethodReplacer implementation that simply returns the result of a lookup in an associated IoC container.
ManagedDictionary Tag subclass used to hold a dictionary of managed elements.
ManagedList Tag subclass used to hold a list of managed elements.
ManagedNameValueCollection Tag class which represent a Spring-managed NameValueCollection instance that supports merging of parent/child definitions.
ManagedSet Tag subclass used to hold a set of managed elements.
MethodInjectingInstantiationStrategy An IInstantiationStrategy implementation that supports method injection.
MethodOverride Represents the override of a method on a managed object by the IoC container.
MethodOverrides A collection (with set semantics) of method overrides, determining which, if any, methods on a managed object the Spring.NET IoC container will override at runtime.
ObjectDefinitionBuilder Programmatic means of constructing a IObjectDefinition using the builder pattern. Intended primarily for use when implementing custom namespace parsers.
ObjectDefinitionReaderUtils Utility methods that are useful for IObjectDefinitionReader implementations.
ObjectDefinitionValidationException Thrown when the validation of an object definition failed.
ObjectDefinitionValueResolver Helper class for use in object factory implementations, resolving values contained in object definition objects into the actual values applied to the target object instance.
PropertiesObjectDefinitionReader Object definition reader for a simple properties format.
ReplacedMethodOverride Represents the replacement of a method on a managed object by the IoC container.
RootObjectDefinition A plain-vanilla object definition.
SimpleAutowireCandidateResolver A IAutowireCandidateResolver implementation to use that checks the object definitions only (no attributes)
SimpleInstantiationStrategy Simple object instantiation strategy for use in IObjectFactory implementations.
StaticListableObjectFactory Static factory that permits the registration of existing singleton instances.


Interface Description
IAutowireCandidateResolver Strategy interface for determining whether a specific object definition qualifies as an autowire candidate for a specific dependency.
IConfigurableObjectDefinition Describes a configurable object instance, which has property values, constructor argument values, and further information supplied by concrete implementations.
IInstantiationStrategy Responsible for creating instances corresponding to a RootObjectDefinition.
IManagedCollection Denotes a special placeholder collection that may contain RuntimeObjectReferences or other placeholder objects that will need to be resolved.
IMethodReplacer Permits the (re)implementation of an arbitrary method on a Spring.NET IoC container managed object.
IObjectDefinitionFactory Central interface for factories that can create IConfigurableObjectDefinition instances.
IObjectDefinitionReader Simple interface for object definition readers.
IObjectDefinitionRegistry Interface for registries that hold object definitions, i.e. RootObjectDefinition and ChildObjectDefinition instances.
IObjectNameGenerator Strategy interface for generating object names for object definitions


Delegate Description
ManagedCollectionElementResolver Resolves a single element value of a managed collection.


Enumeration Description
DependencyCheckingMode The various modes of dependency checking.