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SimpleInstantiationStrategy.InstantiateWithMethodInjection(RootObjectDefinition, String, IObjectFactory, ConstructorInfo, Object) Method

Instantiate an instance of the object described by the supplied definition from the supplied factory, injecting methods as appropriate.

[Visual Basic]
Protected Overridable Overloads Sub InstantiateWithMethodInjection( _
   ByVal definition As RootObjectDefinition, _
   ByVal objectName As String, _
   ByVal factory As IObjectFactory, _
   ByVal constructor As ConstructorInfo, _
   ByVal arguments As Object _
protected virtual object InstantiateWithMethodInjection(
   RootObjectDefinition definition,
   string objectName,
   IObjectFactory factory,
   ConstructorInfo constructor,
   object[] arguments


The definition of the object that is to be instantiated.
The name associated with the object definition. The name can be the null or zero length string if we're autowiring an object that doesn't belong to the supplied factory.
The owning IObjectFactory
The ConstructorInfo to be used to instantiate the object.
Any arguments to the supplied constructor. May be null.

Return Value

An instance of the object described by the supplied definition from the supplied factory.


The default implementation of this method is to throw a InvalidOperationException.

Derived classes can override this method if they can instantiate an object with the Method Injection specified in the supplied definition. Instantiation should use the supplied constructor and attendant arguments.

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