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IObjectDefinitionRegistry Members

IObjectDefinitionRegistry overview

Public Instance Properties

ObjectDefinitionCount Return the number of objects defined in the registry.

Public Instance Methods

ContainsObjectDefinition Check if this registry contains a object definition with the given name.
GetAliases Return the aliases for the given object name, if defined.
GetObjectDefinition Returns the IObjectDefinition for the given object name.
GetObjectDefinitionNames Return the names of all objects defined in this registry.
IsObjectNameInUse Determine whether the given object name is already in use within this registry, i.e. whether there is a local object or alias registered under this name.
RegisterAlias Given a object name, create an alias. We typically use this method to support names that are illegal within XML ids (used for object names).
RegisterObjectDefinition Register a new object definition with this registry. Must support RootObjectDefinition and ChildObjectDefinition.

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