AbstractObjectFactory.CheckMergedObjectDefinition Method
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AbstractObjectFactory.CheckMergedObjectDefinition Method

Check the supplied merged object definition for any possible validation errors.

[Visual Basic]
Protected Sub CheckMergedObjectDefinition( _
   ByVal mergedObjectDefinition As RootObjectDefinition, _
   ByVal objectName As String, _
   ByVal requiredType As Type, _
   ParamArray arguments As Object _
protected void CheckMergedObjectDefinition(
   RootObjectDefinition mergedObjectDefinition,
   string objectName,
   Type requiredType,
   params object[] arguments


The object definition to be checked for validation errors.
The name of the object associated with the supplied object definition.
The Type the object may match. Can be an interface or superclass of the actual class. For example, if the value is the Object class, this method will succeed whatever the class of the returned instance.
The arguments to use if creating a prototype using explicit arguments to a factory method. If there is no factory method and the supplied arguments array is not , then match the argument values by type and call the object's constructor.


Exception Type Condition
ObjectsException In the case of object validation errors.

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