IObjectFactory.IsPrototype Method
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IObjectFactory.IsPrototype Method

Determines whether the specified object name is prototype. That is, will GetObject always return independent instances?

[Visual Basic]
Public Sub IsPrototype( _
   ByVal name As String _
bool IsPrototype(
   string name


The name of the object to query

Return Value

true if the specified object name will always deliver independent instances; otherwise, false.


This method returning false does not clearly indicate a singleton object. It indicated non-independent instances, which may correspond to a scoped object as well. use the IsSingleton property to explicitly check for a shared singleton instance.

Translates aliases back to the corresponding canonical object name. Will ask the parent factory if the object can not be found in this factory instance.


Exception TypeCondition
NoSuchObjectDefinitionExceptionif there is no object with the given name.

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