Spring.NET 1.3.0 RC1 for .NET 2.0 API Reference

IListableObjectFactory.GetObjectsOfType(Type, Boolean, Boolean) Method

Return the object instances that match the given object Type (including subclasses), judging from either object definitions or the value of ObjectType in the case of IFactoryObjects.

[Visual Basic]
Public Sub GetObjectsOfType( _
   ByVal type As Type, _
   ByVal includePrototypes As Boolean, _
   ByVal includeFactoryObjects As Boolean _
IDictionary GetObjectsOfType(
   Type type,
   bool includePrototypes,
   bool includeFactoryObjects


The Type (class or interface) to match.
Whether to include prototype objects too or just singletons (also applies to IFactoryObjects).
Whether to include IFactoryObjects too or just normal objects.

Return Value

A IDictionary of the matching objects, containing the object names as keys and the corresponding object instances as values.


Exception Type Condition
ObjectsException If the objects could not be created.

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