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IObjectDefinition Members

IObjectDefinition overview

Public Instance Properties

AutowireMode The autowire mode as specified in the object definition.
ConstructorArgumentValues Return the constructor argument values for this object.
DependsOn The object names that this object depends on.
DestroyMethodName Return the name of the destroy method.
EventHandlerValues Return the event handlers for any events exposed by this object.
FactoryMethodName The name of the factory method to use (if any).
FactoryObjectName The name of the factory object to use (if any).
InitMethodName The name of the initializer method.
IsAbstract Is this object definition "abstract", i.e. not meant to be instantiated itself but rather just serving as parent for concrete child object definitions.
IsAutowireCandidate Gets a value indicating whether this instance a candidate for getting autowired into some other object.
IsLazyInit Is this object lazily initialized?
IsSingleton Return whether this a Singleton, with a single, shared instance returned on all calls.
IsTemplate Is this object definition a "template", i.e. not meant to be instantiated itself but rather just serving as an object definition for configuration templates used by ConfigureObject.
ObjectType Returns the Type of the object definition (if any).
ObjectTypeName Returns the FullName of the Type of the object definition.
ParentName The name of the parent definition of this object definition, if any.
PropertyValues Return the property values to be applied to a new instance of the object.
ResourceDescription Return a description of the resource that this object definition came from (for the purpose of showing context in case of errors).
Role Get the role hint for this object definition
Scope The target scope for this object.

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