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IConfigurableObjectFactory Interface

Configuration interface to be implemented by most if not all object factories.

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[Visual Basic]
Public Interface IConfigurableObjectFactory
    Implements IHierarchicalObjectFactory, IObjectFactory, IDisposable, ISingletonObjectRegistry
public interface IConfigurableObjectFactory : IHierarchicalObjectFactory, IObjectFactory, IDisposable, ISingletonObjectRegistry

Types that implement IConfigurableObjectFactory

Type Description
AbstractAutowireCapableObjectFactory Abstract IObjectFactory superclass that implements default object creation.
AbstractObjectFactory Abstract superclass for IObjectFactory implementations.
DefaultListableObjectFactory Concrete implementation of the IListableObjectFactory and IObjectDefinitionRegistry interfaces.
WebObjectFactory Concrete implementation of IListableObjectFactory that knows how to handle IWebObjectDefinitions.
XmlObjectFactory Convenience extension of DefaultListableObjectFactory that reads object definitions from an XML document or element.


Provides the means to configure an object factory in addition to the object factory client methods in the IObjectFactory interface.

Allows for framework-internal plug'n'play even when needing access to object factory configuration methods.

When disposed, it will destroy all cached singletons in this factory. Call Dispose when you want to shutdown the factory.


Namespace: Spring.Objects.Factory.Config

Assembly: Spring.Core (in Spring.Core.dll)

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