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ICultureResolver Interface

Strategy interface for CultureInfo resolution.

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[Visual Basic]
Public Interface ICultureResolver
public interface ICultureResolver

Types that implement ICultureResolver

Type Description
CookieCultureResolver Culture resolver that uses cookie to store culture information.
DefaultCultureResolver ICultureResolver implementation that simply returns the CultureInfo value of the DefaultCulture property (if said property value is not ), or the CultureInfo of the current thread if it is .
DefaultWebCultureResolver Default culture resolver for web applications. Contains some common utility methods for web culture resolvers.
RequestCultureResolver Culture resolver that uses request headers to determine culture. If no languages are specified in the request headers, it returns default culture specifed, and if no default culture was specifed it returns current culture for the executing server thread.
SessionCultureResolver Culture resolver that uses HTTP session to store culture information.


Namespace: Spring.Globalization

Assembly: Spring.Core (in Spring.Core.dll)

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