Spring.NET 1.3.0 RC1 for .NET 2.0 API Reference

Spring.Core.TypeConversion Namespace

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Namespace Hierarchy


Class Description
CredentialConverter Converts string representation of a credential for Web client authentication into an instance of NetworkCredential.
CustomNumberConverter A custom TypeConverter for any primitive numeric type such as Int32, Single, Double, etc.
FileInfoConverter Converter for FileInfo instances.
NameValueConverter Custom TypeConverter implementation for NameValueCollection objects.
RegexConverter Converts string representation of a regular expression into an instance of Regex.
RegistryKeyConverter Converts string representation of the registry key into RegistryKey instance.
ResourceManagerConverter Converts a two part string, (resource name, assembly name) to a ResourceManager instance.
RGBColorConverter Converter for Color from a comma separated list of RBG values.
RuntimeTypeConverter A custom TypeConverter for runtime type references.
StreamConverter Converter for Stream to directly set a Stream property.
StringArrayConverter Converts a separated String to a String array.
TimeSpanConverter Converter for TimeSpan instances.
TypeConversionUtils Utility methods that are used to convert objects from one type into another.
TypeConverterRegistry Registry class that allows users to register and retrieve type converters.
UniqueKeyConverter Converts between instances of UniqueKey and their string representations.
UriConverter Converter for Uri instances.