Spring.NET 1.3.0 RC1 for .NET 2.0 API Reference

Spring.Core.IO Namespace

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Namespace Hierarchy


Class Description
AbstractResource Convenience base class for IResource implementations, pre-implementing typical behavior.
AssemblyResource An IResource implementation for resources stored within assemblies.
ConfigSectionResource Used when retrieving information from the standard .NET configuration files (App.config / Web.config).
ConfigurableResourceLoader Configurable implementation of the IResourceLoader interface.
EncodedResource Holder that combines IResource with a specific encoding to be used for reading from the resource
FileSystemResource A File backed resource.
InputStreamResource IResource adapter implementation for a Stream.
ResourceConverter Custom type converter for IResource instances.
ResourceHandlerRegistry Registry class that allows users to register and retrieve protocol handlers.
StringResource A IResource adapter implementation encapsulating a simple string.
UrlResource A Uri backed resource on top of WebRequest


Interface Description
IInputStreamSource Simple interface for objects that are sources for Streams.
IResource The central abstraction for Spring.NET's access to resources such as Streams.
IResourceLoader Describes an object that can load IResources.