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Spring.Aspects Namespace

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Namespace Hierarchy


Class Description
AbstractExceptionHandler An abstract base class providing all necessary functionality for typical IExceptionHandler implementations.
AbstractExceptionHandlerAdvice This is
ParsedAdviceExpression This class contains the results of parsing an advice expresion of the form on exception name [ExceptionName1,ExceptionName2,...] [action] [action expression] or on exception [constraint expression] [action] [action expression]
RetryAdvice AOP Advice to retry a method invocation on an exception. The retry semantics are defined by a DSL of the form
on exception name [ExceptionName1,ExceptionName2,...] retry [number of times] [delay|rate] [delay time|rate expression]
. For example,
on exception name ArithmeticException retry 3x delay 1s
RetryExceptionHandler Sleeps for the appropriate amount of time for an exception.


Interface Description
IExceptionHandler Handles a thrown exception providing calling context.