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SimpleLoggingAdvice.InvokeUnderLog Method

Subclasses must override this method to perform any tracing around the supplied IMethodInvocation.

[Visual Basic]
Protected Overrides Sub InvokeUnderLog( _
   ByVal invocation As IMethodInvocation, _
   ByVal log As ILog _
protected override object InvokeUnderLog(
   IMethodInvocation invocation,
   ILog log


The method invocation to log
The log to write messages to

Return Value

The result of the call to IMethodInvocation.Proceed()


Subclasses are resonsible for ensuring that the IMethodInvocation actually executes by calling IMethodInvocation.Proceed().

By default, the passed-in ILog instance will have log level "trace" enabled. Subclasses do not have to check for this again, unless they overwrite the IsInterceptorEnabled method to modify the default behavior.


Exception TypeCondition
Exception If any of the interceptors in the chain or the target object itself throws an exception.

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